Life its Ownself is a concept of some meaning. To me. That was the basis for a personal operating system that lasted beyond a few years.  Maybe 40. Actually more.

Now, nothing is more important to me than family. My family. A wonderful wife whose beauty is only surpassed by a limitless heart & gentle spirit - I owe it all to Katie.  

And Emily, Cammy & Zack are the keys that unlocked my life, its self.  Nothing is better or bigger within my heart than family.  Love its Ownself. And, now grandkids and in-laws are adding to the joys of our family.

The bits & bytes here are not intended to serve as a destination as much as a collection of words and images to chronicle a journey. Writer. Teacher. Photographer. Wanderer. Father. Neighbor. Husband. Friend. Student. Entrepreneur.

Over the span of six decades, I've traveled to all seven continents, 64 countries and all 50 U.S. states with many more flights, hotel rooms and miles planned. I've found that the further I venture into the world, the closer I feel to a deeper sense of humanity within myself.

The modest hope of this site is simply a happy and healthy forum to display my pursuit of Life its Ownself through a few words, some select images from my life's journey and a random dose of meaning.  (If nothing else, the "jukebox" here contains some incredible music.)

The simplest of truths is that it's all temporary and fleeting. All of it. What is required is the patience, empathy and the wisdom to wait long enough, while never giving up. Ever. Moments, minutes, hours or decades – all variants of the same specs of sand scattered about. Just wait. Hopefully, with grace. And, if lucky, with a family member close enough to hug.

For better or worse, all (with one exception!) written gibberish and photographic images contained within this site exist by my hand, with only myself to blame. For in the beginning, middle and end, we are all authors of the destiny that we find, or...which finds us.

As I try to express each day when asked the rote inquiry, how am I doing, "I've never been happier...!"

Until tomorrow...